Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First RealSchool meeting of the school year!

RealSchool at Frisch's Club Fair

After reaching 101 Likes on Facebook on Monday and then presenting at yesterday's Club Fair at Frisch, RealSchool held its first meeting last night, when old RS members got to reunite -- two members aren't in the school anymore but are returning to work on the club's projects -- and new ones got to see the craziness that sometimes passes for a RS meeting. Amid the chatter and donuts, we did manage to thank Penina Warburg for being such an amazing social media director, see the work Ari Mendelow has done on the RS website, establish that all the teams need to complete a mission statement and fill out note cards about which teams each member wants to join, so we can set up a calendar for meetings.

RealSchool's home page; the website was designed by Ari Mendelow

The teams page of the RS website

Some of the teams for the new school year remain the same:

App Making
The Arts, with Fashion
Marketing and Advertising
Religious Identity
Web Design

Some of the teams have been modified:

Social Entrepreneurship has become Social Action and Entrepreneurship
Nutrition has become Health and Environment and will be teaming up with Mrs. Mantell's Environment Club

And some of the teams are new:

Welcome Video Production and Graphic Design, which, among other things, will be helping RS implement and record our events!

Helping members decide what teams they want to join
Welcome back to old RS-ers and welcome to the new RS members! We're looking forward to another great year for the club!