Tuesday, March 5, 2013

RS The Arts Salutes Jamie as Best Poet in Recent Poetry Slam!

This past week, multi-talented RS member Jamie (she's also busy designing logos RS needs for various events and projects) won Best Poet in a Poetry Slam on March 4 The Frisch School attended at Rambam High School. Here are the poems Jamie submitted:

Free Verse

Dirt at the Base of a House
The basement
The perfect place to be
When I'm tired
So tired of this

I need to unwind
To reflect in this room
To use fatigue as fuel

Fueling my time
With messy emotions
That grow from rubble
At the root of my heart

Base human emotions
are Meant to breathe
To be vital, to be cruel

Feeling worn down
Is as basic as dirt
Wearing down these sturdy boots
Slowly and fully

So I unlace my boots
Walk down seventeen steps
To the place I can sit and just be

Found Poem

Rereading the Bible 

In G-d's heart
I tried my level best
But I failed to see how
For the thousandth time

I was sure I'd never seen Him before
And His eyes were the problem
Blind to the whole affair
I looked away late in the winter

I was reading the same book over and over
And that's when the math kicked in
I saw the long list of fatal flaws
So why bother with it?

I don't know... It kind of helps
Whenever you read without a moment's pause
Well, it's a metaphor... See?
And yes, I'm doing okay.

Here was The Challenge:

A)    In honor of Passover, one poem concerning Jewish Identity will be presented in the form of “Found” poetry in honor of the numerous “Found” moments in the Exodus story: Pharaoh’s daughter finding Moses, Moses finding the burning bush, and of course, the nation finding freedom.

B)     Free Verse Poem on leaving Home and the centrality the Home has in Jewish life
The Prizes:
Winners will be chosen in the categories of “Best Poet,” “Best Free-Form Poem,” “Best Found Poem” and “Best Speaker.”

Click here for more information on found poems.