Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Student Choice for Black History Month

One of RealSchool's values is that students should have choice in what they learn. Of course, that value has to be balanced with the need to have students know about important events and concepts that are part of our culture and society. Here's an assignment for Black History Month for students who are in the middle of reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The assignment, then, is a way to deepen learning about the black experience and do so in a way that allows for individualized learning:

Getting Started in EdReform

An educator getting started in PLNs and the Twitterverse and blogosphere asked us for a list of our go-to sites. Here's what we sent:

So this is our RealSchool blog post about the first top ten education reform videos we watched to get us started:


This is a great video about PBL (project-based learning). If kindergartners can do it, anyone can! And if older kids can do it, why not kindergartners?

The whole edutopia site is great:

Here are some more of our favorite blogs:

Will Richardson is the education reform guru. He's a superstar:

And we like Scott McLeod too (and the name of his blog):

Have fun! If you watch any of the videos or read any of the blogs, share your thoughts in the Comments section!