Thursday, January 2, 2014

Student Feedback on Benji and Amitai's App Making Workshop

Thanks to Shira Ackerman from Ben Porat Yosef for having her junior high students reflect on the App Making Workshop. Reflection is such a key part of PBL and learning in general, and we appreciated hearing what the BPY students got out of the day:

“It surprised me how important the process of design was to the creation of a project. It actually makes sense, if you think about it. Design is the way that people interact with the product, which I find is an interesting way of looking at it. The process of making an app was fun, and I liked the project. As for coding, I really enjoyed it. Python is my favorite programming language, and I find it really cool. I enjoyed the class, as I was also helping out other kids. Also, Python 3.3.3 fixed some of the things I'd didn't like in python 3.2… I really enjoyed the entire process, and so I thank you for giving us your time. I found it interesting how code and design work together efficiently. It was a really fun experience.”

“...There are many things that I learned that you could do with making apps and making flyers, etc.  The person in from Frisch from the design class, was a really nice and cool person.  Me and my group came up with an app that was actually from my perspective a really good app.  ...I want to say thank you so much to Amitai for teaching me cool things about design.”

“Thank you for taking the time to come to our school. I really enjoyed learning about coding. I learned a lot of codes which I want to try at home…. I learned that designing is a large part of technology.”

“I thought it was very fun. It was really cool learning to write code and awesome seeing all of Amitai's graphics. My favorite part was getting to make an app.”

“I learned how hard it is to make an app. I knew almost nothing about coding but I learned a lot today.”

אני נהניתי מלצייר את האפ שלנו וגם למדתי על הקודים זה היה מאוד
מעניין ושמחתי להכיר את הנושא הזה
“I learned a lot from this experience. I never knew that there was code on a computer. It's so much fun to write code and I learned a lot about  how to design apps and write code.”
“I think it would be really amazing if we could actually make an app, coming up with the idea, and designing it. I never really knew about the process of making an app, never really thought about it, but now that I learned about it, I would maybe like to learn more  about it.”
“I learned many things about coding and app designing. I learned how to design an app and that there are many different apps that you can create. It was cool to do this because as an everyday thing, I use different apps. So it was very cool to create my own. I started out from knowing nothing about coding and today I learned about the many different ways that you can give the computer functions. I learned how to make a variable with code and I also learned how to just plan type with code...I really enjoyed learning so much about coding and app designing. I realized how humongous the world of coding and app designing is. Thank you for giving me this experience.”
“...I enjoyed it and might want to have a job in the programming field.”
“I learned a lot today about coding. Some parts are a bit new to me, but some other parts I knew could be done. We used coding to do math problems just like a calculator but it could understand a lot more like order of operations and variables. I think the whole idea of coding is really cool and it's a lot of fun to play with. Special thank you to Amitai and Benji for taking time out of their day to come and show us these technology tips and talk to us about how to do coding!”
“It was a very cool experience to design and to code. My grandparents are computer programmers so it was cool to go through what they do. Thank you to Benji and Amitai for coming out of their way to do their workshop.”

“I really enjoyed the workshop today. I learned a little bit of python, a programming language that I never knew before. I worked on designing an app, and I hope to actually create it.”