Monday, June 3, 2013

Musings on the Frisch Fashion Show

As part of their end-of-year requirements, a group of seniors chose to blog about their experience planning, organizing and/or helping out with the Frisch RealSchool Fashion Show and Dance Performance. Here is a selection of their thoughts:

Here is Danit's post. Danit was one of three students last year who came up with the idea of having a fashion show at Frisch. This year, she once again was one of the organizers of the show:

A fashion show is such an easy thing to say you're going to plan. People think it's an easy process, but really it is one of the most stressful and difficult things to organize. For the past two years I have organized a fashion show in my school. I worked with my classmates and two amazing teachers. My experience was unique and enlightening.

To be honest, I have usually been the type of person to give up or quit or wait for my parents to help me when I have something I need to do. The fashion show was one thing I did all by myself -- well, along with the help of all the other great people involved, but you know what I mean -- and got done successfully. 

My desire to create a fashion show started last year when my best friends and I became obsessed with a fashion blogger named Man Repeller. We started to dress like her, and we wanted the Frisch community to be influenced by her as well, so we decided to create a fashion show that would have clothing combinations Man Repeller would be proud of. The uniqueness of the fashion show for me was doing something I was passionate about, with my best friends, and being able to mix and match all different styles of clothing the way Man Repeller did!

Some crazy Man Repller outfits that inspired the look
of last year's fashion show!

Creating a fashion show was enlightening for me as well, because I learned so much in the process. For instance, I learned how to speak to high-end companies, to organize and plan events, and to try my hardest! This show brought out the best of my abilities, and I was so happy to have shared it with fellow Frisch faculty, students, and community!

One of the things I enjoyed the most about being one of the organizers of the show was knowing about everything going on in it, from beginning to end. Even though it sometimes felt overwhelming to have people coming to me and asking me what to do, where to go, how to do something, etc., I truly felt like a leader. I'm the youngest in my family and am usually the one asking for help and looking up to everyone else; it was great to take on a leadership role in the fashion show and have people be able to depend on me to help them!

My fashion show experience was an experience I wouldn't trade for anything, and I hope some day other Frisch students will get to experience the same feelings I did! 

And here is Jojo's post about his role helping out for this all-female event:

As my senior year of high school was ending, I decided to do something that I never would have ever thought about doing in four years of high school: I decided to help my English teacher Mrs. Wiener and other fellow classmates with the 2013 Frisch Fashion Show. I, along with seven other classmates, was asked if we wanted to participate as part of the requirements of completing my senior year. When I first heard about the project, I was skeptical about it and thought I would accomplish nothing and just follow orders. I did not want to be part of the show and was even thinking about taking a classic English final in order to finish my course requirements. Then it occurred to me that I always wanted to be a helpful person and writing a traditional English class essay would prevent me from doing that. So I decided to help with the fashion show as my final assignment.

Women helped by Somaly Mam!

The Fashion Show was raising money for Somaly Mam, a foundation that works to stop female slavery in Southeast Asia. How did this show raise the money? Well, that’s where my classmates and I came in. Part of our job was to get the merchandise that would be sold by the fashion show in order to raise the money. A classmate and I had to scour Bergen County in order to locate and buy kosher fair trade coffee and chocolate to sell at the show. If you enjoyed any of the fair trade food at the show, you have us to thank! Our efforts helped Frisch raise awareness of and money for Somaly Mam, and for that I feel like I accomplished a great deal at the end of my Frisch career.