Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Frisch Fashion Show and Dance Performance 2014

Jamie Lebovics ('14) once again designed the logo.
This year we focused on biomes, so Jamie represented the ocean
 in the figure's hair, the desert in the skin color,
and the rainforest and chaparral biomes in the
flower dress, which was also an homage to designer
Alexander McQueen's dress made of real flowers.
The third annual Frisch Fashion Show and Dance Performance was one week ago, on March 23, 2014, at The Frisch School. A night for women only, the production grew this year to include not only fashion and dance but also a banner presentation and two song performances, one live and one pre-recorded at a studio (Thanks, Steve Bill!).

Here are sophomore Amanda Leifer's awesome photos from the night!


Plans for this year's show actually began at the end of the last school year when the amazing Ahuva Mantell, Frisch's art teacher, applied for and received a grant from Bergen County to create a school event that educated about the environment. We therefore decided our annual fashion show would highlight different biomes -- specific ecological communities -- in the world. Mrs. Mantell also suggested building terrariums that represented our biomes, an idea that proved fun and educational. 

Early in the year, the designers for each grade as well as RealSchool's Health and Environment team gathered and began researching various biomes. We decided that the freshmen would represent the aquatic biome; the sophomores, the rainforest; the juniors, the desert -- because junior year seems like a trek through the Sahara; and the seniors, the different biomes in Israel, including its most famous one, the chaparral, which includes shrubs, grassland, and forest. 

RealSchool linked up its Fashion team with Health and Environment
right away this year, since the two teams would be working
on the same event


Once the designers had settled on various outfit ideas, we then selected the models and began purchasing items for the terrariums.

Frisch girls interested in being models submit their names;
we choose the models by lottery

Senior Yakira makes a terrarium based on Israel's biome;
we sold the terrariums to raise money for Innovation: Africa,
an organization that worked well with our fashion show theme,
since IA uses green technologies to make Africa grow!

The terrariums were a nice buzzbuilder for the event!
And here they are, ready to be sold. The one on the right is a mix of herbs
available in Israel

The Banner

A really beautiful addition to the fashion show this year was a banner representing four women who inspire us to care for the world. Two of the women were from the ancient Biblical world, Chava, Eve, who is called the mother of all living creatures in the Torah, and Miriam, Moses' sister, who is often seen near water and is associated with the well that provided the Israelites with water in the wilderness. The additional two women on the banner are contemporary ones, who act as role models in showing us how we can improve the world and better the environment. One is Evonne Marzouk, founder and executive director of Canfei Nesharim, an organization that connects Torah texts with contemporary scientific breakthroughs about the environment. The other is Sivan Ya'ari, founder and executive director of Innovation: Africa. With a master's in energy management and an organization that helps Israel's image in the world while improving life in African villages, Sivan shows just how influential a woman can be in shaping a more sustainable world.

Working on the banner: Eve comes to life
Was there a part of the fashion show Julia WASN'T involved in?
Here she is bringing Miram to life on the banner
We put solar panels on the woman representing
Sivan Ya'ari, since Innovation: Africa brings that technology
to the continent

And here's the finished product, with the last photo taken the night of the event (Thanks to Home Depot on Route 17N in Paramus for donating our green runway!):

Eve and Miriam
Evonne Marzouk and Sivan Ya'ari: That's a light bulb in
Sivan's hand, another item IA brings to Africa!
The banner and runway!

The Outfits

Of course, putting together the outfits is one of the most exciting parts of the fashion show. Marcia's Attic of Englewood generously lent us four outfits -- thanks to Frisch senior Avital Abramov for making that happen! -- and we got additional clothes from H and M, which has a sustainability and conscious mission in the company's philanthropic arm. Vowing to provide education and clean water to those who need it and to strengthen women, the company is modeling not only funky clothes but good citizenship. The clothing for the rest of our outfits was from our own closet, and one dress was student-made.

Here are the grade designers preparing the outfits for the show:

Jodi and Sammi bringing to life oceans, seas, rivers, lakes,
coral reefs, and estuaries, in clothing!
Sophomore designers Lila and Liana imagined rainforest flowers and animals;
look at the flower below and the outfit above. That's a pretty good match, no?

Junior Ayelet worked with the sophomore designers
to plan a dress based on the rainforest; Ayelet then sewed the dress
and sophomore Racheli modeled it. This was the first year a student
sewed a dress for the show!
The juniors reproduced a desert sunset for two of their looks
as well as for one of the mannequins we decorated the room with
for the night!
Senior designers Julia, Sabrina, and Melissa brought to life
the ocean, rivers, desert, and chaparral regions of Israel!

Not only did Ayelet sew a dress for the show, multi-talented Jamie sewed a shirt we used on one of the mannequins:

Thanks, Jamie, for all the creative work you've done at
Frisch over the past four years!

The Fashion Show Night!

Glam Salon doesn't let us down! The generous and wonderful hairdressers and makeup artists of Glam Salon, for the third year in a row, donated their time and tools to transform our models into walking beauties of nature. Not that the girls aren't gorgeous to begin with, but let's show you what we mean . . . 

A rainforest "bird" . . . 
. . . with a "tree monkey"
The sophomores' brilliant colors suggest the tropical nature of their biome

Don't tell us this bun and massive afro don't remind you of some of the brush in Israel!

Sheri represented the brush and shrubs of the chaparral region in Israel,
while Abigail was walking as Israel's beautiful seas and lakes. Banias, anyone?

The Dance Performance

This is the second year that the talented Frisch Dance Team also performed at the show, giving us four dances that represented a different biome: water, rainforest, desert, and Israel.

A wave in the first dance, representing water. The dance team
was extremely clever in how they incorporated the biomes
into their performances!

Faculty Daughters Model

Of course, one of the highlights of the show is the faculty daughters who walk. This year the girls, who ranged from ages 4 to 12, represented all the different biomes and reminded us of the Native American proverb:

"We do not inherit the earth from our Ancestors; we borrow it from our Children."

Song Performances

In addition to the banner, we also incorporated song into our show, twice. Once was a pre-recorded version of "We Are the World," the song that was the slogan of our show. The sophomores had recorded the song two weeks earlier in a recording studio. We played the song with the following slide show about manmade disasters:

The other musical performance was by seniors Esther Meir and Tamar Palgon. Esther played the violin, while Tamar played the guitar and sang a song she'd written herself. We're thrilled by the addition of music to our fashion show; with the banner and songs, the night was a true celebration of the arts.

The Fashion Show Narrative

What ties all the disparate parts of the evening together and frames them in a religiously and spiritually meaningful way is the Fashion Show Narrative, which the women in RealSchool's Religious Identity team create and present. Marni Loffman this year played an integral role in writing the narrative, and here you can see the students who sharpened their oral presentation skills by emceeing the night:

This year, as you can see, we also added a slide show
to accompany the narrative. Both the narrative and slide show
are available below. 

Fun Stuff

Thanks to Kim, Frisch's chef, for coming up with these
"high-heeled" cupcakes. How cute are they? 
We can always count on Larisa in the Academic Office
to produce beautiful programs
Maddie was a junior designer, model and member of the fashion production team;
she chose to work on the fashion show as her project in the RealSchool elective this semester.
Marni, who dons the fashion show t-shirt, wrote the script for the night and was one
of the event's MCs. Here they're selling terrariums prior to the show!
Juniors -- Elisheva, an MC, and Tamar and Debra, two models -- relax before the show!
Thanks to Mrs. Mantell for her creativity in coming up
with this selfie station, a fun addition to the night;
we also thought it went well with the idea of natural beauty!
Rabbi Pittinsky and junior Justin Safier, who was tech
support for the entire show, equip the selfie station with
a wireless printer
Sophomores Chloe and Tali man the selfie station for
fashion show participants!
What a great night, and thanks so much to everyone who made it happen. Till next year, though we're already starting to brainstorm about what the theme might be . . . . Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments section!