Monday, May 20, 2013

The Frisch RealSchool Fashion Show and Dance Performance

Our Fashion, Finance, Arts and Social Action and Entrepreneurship teams worked all year to create our second annual fashion show, collaborating with the Frisch dance team and Mrs. Mantell's art class. We're so excited about the special evening we had last night, which not only was a lot of fashion and dance fun but which also worked to raise awareness about fair food, fair trade and the existence of slavery in the world today.


To see our first set of pictures, click here.

There are some we think are really important, like this one:

Can you believe it? Our models are eating! Before a show! We think that models, like other human beings, should be allowed to eat three meals a day. And have snacks. It's radical, we know, but RealSchool is getting comfortable advancing radical notions.

Here are some other highlights and more photos will follow!

Jamie is awesome! She designed our fashion show logo
and created the program for the evening!

We brought to fashion life Biblical women who fought for fairness and social justice. You can read our fashion show narrative, posted below the pictures:

Freshmen bring to life Chava and the Imahot, the matriarchs of the Torah
with their animal prints
Sophomores represented Egyptian social justice crusades, Shifra, Puah and Bat-ya

Juniors wore business attire to represent B'not Tzlafchad, 
who fought for economic equality 
The second group of sophomores wore Goth clothing to represent
Izevel and Atalia, two Biblical women who seized power and
taught us the wrong way to use it
The second team of juniors put themselves into the Jewish fight
for justice by representing themselves as different types of Frisch girls:
the nerd and fashionista (shown here) and the hipster and preppie
The second group of seniors created a beauty pageant to show Persia
to represent the powerful role Esther played in fighting against
an unjust law and for her people

The art exhibit at the show focused on female oppression and slavery
and, as shown here, female empowerment. Seniors Laura and Jackie
pose next to "dinner plates" depicting powerful Jewish women.
The plates are in the style of Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party
We also put these small "picket signs" on the top of mannequins.
These signs had facts about slavery in the world today.

Thanks to our student presenters who narrated the event!

Fashion Show Narrative

Somaly Mam

Our fashion show raised money for Somaly Mam. Do you know about the organization? Find out more:

Thank you again to all of our sponsors: Project Ezrah, Glam Salon, Carston Salon, and the Teaneck General Store! Project Ezrah left clothing in the school for us to continue selling! {Having students sell clothes in school? RealSchool loves the idea!} Be sure to check out these ethical fashion choices!