Maker Spaces, Creativity Labs, and Culture Change

What are Maker Spaces?

Silvia Libow Martinez is a popular speaker at conferences; she lectures about the Maker Movement and how to bring it into the classroom:

Check out her book, Invent to Learn.

Creativity Labs

Adam Tilove, Head of School at JDCDS Rhode Island and a Sandbox participant, has written about how to bring about how to truly support creativity in a school:

"You Can Steal the Secrets of this Truly Creative School"

Of course, we think of RealSchool as basically a creativity lab:

Culture Change

How might we support culture change in our schools?

Here's Harvard Business Review on IDEO's culture of helping, which we think is one good way to spark culture-wide change:

Having resources helps. Here's the collection of resources we gathered for the Sandbox, compiled in one place for you:

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