Thursday, April 25, 2013

Yom Iyun Source Sheets and Art

RS parent Pearl Mattenson created this work from a verse from Qohelet
Just as we did last year, we compiled a source sheet booklet for anyone who came to the Yom Iyun, so the participants could at least get a sense of the sessions they were unable to attend. This year, we also prepared a lot of explanatory information about the art exhibit. We've posted both booklets here, as well as samples of art projects participants completed, based on the texts in the sessions and at the art exhibit:

Source Sheet Book

Art Exhibit Explanation

Art from the Yom Iyun

Yom Ha'atzmaut -- Israel's Independence Day -- was two days
after the Yom Iyun, so Mrs. Wiener took two of her classes
to the exhibit 

A session presenter gets to try her hand at the art; she chose a text
from another presenter. She chose "There is nothing new under the sun,"
which she said she grappled with. Here she shows how the light of the Shabbat candles.
a sign of her Judaism, redeem the world from nihilism and futility.

Active RS Member Talia creates her work of text art

Sophomore Jonas works on his project . . . 

We really like how he interpreted Qohelet 9:11