Tuesday, March 11, 2014

RealSchool Elective: A Miniseries about Student Life

Sammy and David share an update on what they've decided to do in the RealSchool elective this semester:

For our project, we decided to delve into the life of the Modern Orthodox yeshiva kid. In doing so, we created a mini-series. We began by outlining the first five episodes and now have also written the script of our first episode. Our main character struggles with balancing his religious life with his secular one and his academic life with his social life.  This leads to many humorous scenes. However, there is a deeper aspect to the series. A lesson will be drawn from the experiences of our character in every episode. Our goal is to express the challenges that students in Modern Orthodox yeshivas experience but also to draw on possible solutions. We hope to begin filming soon!

Now Sammy and David are busy project tuning with RealSchool class members. They're having a writers session in order to sharpen the plot and jokes: