Thursday, October 10, 2013

RealSchool Update

We've been having a great day moving forward with a lot of our projects.

First, we're getting ready for the PSAT's by once again selling "I Am More Than A Test Score" T-shirts. Make sure you get yours -- you can scan the QR code in the image to access an order form -- so we can move our society that much closer to an SAT-less and AP-less world. Imagine that utopia!

Daniel Rothner explaining the fundamentals of how to start a non-profit

We had a great meeting with Daniel Rothner of Areyvut about a social action and entrepreneurship project that will keep us busy the entire year. Stay tuned for more details! We're excited to partner with a community organization for this project, since becoming more involved with and connected to the real world is part of the RealSchool mission.

Lunch was the perfect time to plan for Food Day this October 24 and to decide on some of the projects the Health and Environment team wants to undertake this year. We're going to focus on superfoods for the day and spread the news about the health benefits of eating them. Check out the website we're using for our information!

Earlier in the week we also launched our literacy program, which we'll let you know about soon as well. In the meantime, if you have educational games, please bring them to Mrs. Wiener's/RealSchool's office or mail them to The Frisch School, 120 West Century Road, Paramus, NJ.

All in all, it's been a really productive week at RealSchool. Next week: tech and Religious Identity meetings!